At the end of last week Townsquare Media had a party to thank all our partners, clients and community partners both. It was a hoot and a holler and here are the pics...

I love parties like this, probably because of my dad. He was a public relations director, and he was always calling home to tell my mom, "I have about 11 people coming over for a cocktail party in about and hour."  An hours notice was about the best he ever did, but we were all so used to it, we were able to pull it off.


Mom would prep the fun stuff to eat, two or three of the kids would clean up the living room and front hall where they'd be, another one (always an older kid) would prep the bar (giving it and the bottle a quick wipe down, filling the ice-bucket, and making sure olives, lemons, and limes were out). If all six of us were home, we could have it done in 1/2 hour...a little more if only a few of us were there.

Then we'd race upstairs and change. The rule was, "If you put on nice clothes, and you're quiet, you can stay, otherwise, to your room." I loved the parties, so I was as quiet as a 5-year-old on up could be.


And really, all I was doing was watching. When I was in high school, I joined in more, but still, my thing was watching the room. Studying how people got along. My dad always invited at least one person the group didn't much like, which may seem odd, but it was calculated to keep things interesting. The right mix of people (fun and flump) is vital, and it did keep things moving.

I liked to sit and figure out who wasn't well liked, which my mom didn't like. She believed you shouldn't look for the bad in someone, and she was right. Her parties weren't as much fun, but she was right.

There was one man, super obnoxious, and my mom was talking with him and enjoying herself. Later I asked how she could be nice to him when he was so obnoxious. She told me everyone has something good and interesting in them, you just have to find it.

So that's why I'm always smiling in pictures...I love get togethers with great food (Wildwood catered it...whoa!), a great setting (Cambria's showroom is also whoa!), and fun people.