Have you started to feel the stress of the holidays?  Tis' the season to feel rushed and get busy with all of the things. I'm a mom with three kiddos and I know what it is like to have all of the concerts happen on the same night in different parts of town and still need to make that "healthy meal" before getting people to places on time.  It is stressful and can bring cranky spirits rather than thankful hearts.

Taking a moment to just slow down and appreciate the small stuff (and the big stuff) is a gift...and sometimes we are too busy to realize how amazing that gift is.  I've felt the stress with this season already and decided that this year, we are going to do things a bit different.

We are doing a challenge in my house where we all write down something we are thankful for each day on a pumpkin.  Every person in our house is part of this - including the teenagers - and there is no excuse not to participate.  That's just how we roll in my house.

I anticipate that I will see Fortnite show up at some point but I also have a hope that this challenge will go a bit deeper than the surface "thanks" of food, clothing, and shelter.  There is a lot that we should be thankful for each day and this is a great way to dig a bit deeper and think a bit harder about what being thankful truly means.

I'll share pics on my Facebook page (Jessica on the Radio) and my Instagram page (Jessica on the Radio) throughout the month of our "Thanks Pumpkin" where we are writing down our list.  I'm guessing there will be some interesting answers, so you might want to check those pages and follow.  I'd also love to see what you are thankful for too...so don't be shy about adding in your comments!

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