Yard sales are awesome for finding cheap stuff...and sometimes it's even GOOD stuff! But, there are things you should shy away from (this article covers 'em)...and at the top of the list? 

At the top of the avoid list is baby stuff. Playpens, car seats, cribs, that sort fo stuff. They say you can't be sure you're not getting recalled or broken stuff. OK, fine...but a little later, the article quotes the Yardsale Queen Chris Heiska talking about vintage toys...

"Many vintage toys are safety hazards — the lawn game from the '70s called Jarts come to mind," she said. (Jarts, also known as lawn darts, have been banned in the U.S. since 1988.) "People who weren't around in the '70s may buy them and not realize their danger."

Wait...what? Have you seen Jarts?

They look like everything that was awesome and deadly about toys back in the day and I'm fairly certain it's impossible to be unaware of the dangers posed by throwing heavy, plastic finned, sharp steel tipped mini javelins. Just look at 'em...

They've been banned, so if you DO find them at a yard sale, do NOT play with them in public. Or during the day. The black helicopters will descend and you'll be swept away to a pay your debt to society.

((eye roll))