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No need to cover up your child's eyes on this peep show happening in Rochester.  I promise, they will be fine.  There is something I should warn you about though...if you attend, you may end up with something that is adorable and that can poop you breakfast.

Baby chickens have arrived in Rochester and right now, there are several opportunities for you to learn all about the adorable little cuties that could soon be part of your family.  Check out that info below and a few tips that I've learned throughout our years of having backyard chickens.

Places where you can learn about backyard chickens in Rochester:

10 tips for anyone who is thinking of getting backyard chickens

They sure are cute little things at the store but before you hand over your credit card and welcome those baby chicks to your home, go over this list of 10 tips.

Right now, our family has 4 chickens that live together in a coop in our backyard who poop us breakfast almost every day.  We've got a few hens that like to lay about every other day, but it is enough fresh eggs for our family.

If you have any questions about backyard chickens, please let me know!  You can find my contact info here.

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