The setting couldn't have been more dramatic. An early morning drive in, teh sky dark, the fog rolling in, and shining thru the fog, the old Red White and Blue...on the Plummer Building!

Plummer Buidling Red White and Blue 1

Isn't that great?

The Plummer Building lights up for Christmas every year, but for years they dragged the LED spotlights up and down the little metal circular staircase to the top, then hauled 'em all down.

Then, a few years ago, they decided to install them permanently, and can now light up for Christmas with no major hassle. And now, for Veterans Day, too. Very cool.

  • Summertime Flashback

    Kid Dares at the Fair

    As I'm writing this it's 25 degrees. Brrr. So, let's go back to this summer, when James Rabe hit the Olmsted County Fair and got kids to do dares for free stuff!

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