There's two parts to me, and they're battling it out.  Part of me. the Old Man River James, thinks PromPosals are dumb, just ask the other person out. Another part says, "This worked out, so what do you care, James?"  What do you think?Old Man River James says, "I don't understand why these kids today have to be so darned fancy with their asking to prom and what not! Back in my day, you just asked her to prom, she said yes, or probably no, and then we went back to shoveling coal to earn our nickel so we could buy 10 day old bread that was so hard it broke all our teeth and they fell to the ground and other kids grabbed 'em up and made necklaces out of 'em and that's the way it was AND WE LIKED IT!" (Apologies to , Dana Carvey).

Hip and Cool James says, "PromPosals...ugh...BUT, he failed. Then he succeeded. Because she felt bad for making fun of his idea or because she wants to go with him? WHO KNOWS? Who cares? Watch the video while I shoo away these kids trying to grab my teeth.