How confusing is this?

I'm slightly claustrophobic, so when Summer Construction rolls around and the barricades get set up, I start to feel trapped inside a maze. Somewhere downtown there's cheese hidden somewhere - I am sure of it!

One of the construction projects is the re-paving of 41st Street. It stretches from West River Parkway to Highway 52. A week or so ago, the road got stripped. There were crews out re-covering it. There are markers on the road, but it's kind of hard to tell where the lanes are supposed to be. I notice it from 18th to the 52 overpass.

The way the markers are laid out is kind of confusing. There are markers set a few feet out from the curb. Then a few feet apart from that there are more markers. There's no striping because of the re-paving going on, but I'm confused about where the lanes are supposed to be. I stay in the curb lane, because i don't want to drive into oncoming traffic.