Want to see a few of the stellar karaoke performances from Rochesterfest?  I don't have them all uploaded yet, but here are a few of the preliminary rounds with some highlights. Keep in mind that every single performer on that stage last night absolutely rocked it! 

There were so many moments of goodness throughout the night it makes it pretty difficult to show it all to you. I did record the entire event, but for the sake of brevity I shortened and edited it.  In the clips you'll see a little bit from each and every contestant, and there really is no rhyme or reason to the editing, other than just to shorten it up. The evening began with Keith Benson, who was a winner of this contest 3 years ago.  He is quite a charming and charismatic performer from Farmington, MN.  Keith also opened up the show last year.

As soon as I get the final round video finished, I'll get it posted. Congratulations to all those who participated in last night's karaoke contest. You are all winners just for getting up there and doing your thing!