When I was a teenager, I loved scary movies.  I'm looking at you, Freddy Krueger!  But then I birthed a few babies and the real scary stuff (always cutting don't-choke-on-me grapes in half, figuring out birthday party gift bag favors...) that comes along with being a parent made me lose my edge for a good horror movie.

Now my daughter has become a teenager and started enjoying scary movies.  Because I never want to pass up a good bonding opportunity, I was thrilled to discover a secret weapon thanks to Rolling Stone Magazine; a list of the 50 Greatest Horror Movies of the 21st Century.

The movie at #1 on the list, 28 Days Later, is the film that made zombies fast.  Before this 2002 pic, zombies were slow and easy to outrun.  These days, you get a zombie on your tail and your only hope is a band of reality-show-wanna-be redneck zombie hunters!

The crazy thing is, my daughter had just told me about the movie at #3, The Babadook.  It's an Australian movie from 2014 that I had never heard of.  When it was released, it really didn't do that well at the box office, but it is quickly becoming a cult favorite.  I plan to check it and hopefully not be too scared!

Anyway, check out the list and then let me know; are there any movies that you think should be on there.