Looking for a new job?  Have you recently had an interview, but didn't get the job?

According to the managing editor at "Business Insider", the single biggest mistake you can make when you're interviewing for a job is not sending a follow-up email.

For whatever reason, she says most people don't do it anymore.  And it makes her assume they either don't want the job, or they're disorganized and forgot to follow up.  But either way, they rarely get the job.

She also says that writing the email should only take a few minutes.  The shorter the better.  But you should accomplish three things.

1.  Thank them for meeting with you.

2.  Say something about how you want the job.

3.  Quickly explain why you're perfect for it.

If you spend five minutes and do those three things, you have a much better chance of getting hired.

Good luck!

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