A musician in South St. Paul sent us something and I think he's kinda making fun of us. Or he's jealous of our amazing snow. You decide...


This was me this morning.

A rookie mistake! The snow didn't look that deep, but, oh yeah, it is... and my car just stopped right there. No moving forward, no moving back. So, I grabbed my work bag, ran inside, and set up shop to do the show from inside The Manse, which is the place I'm house-sitting.

I've been doing radio since 1984, and days like today still amaze me. I did the show with my iPhone!  My iPhone! Holy criminey... so much has changed for the awesome since 1984!

Anyway, that's not the point of this.

The Point

When Tracy was able to dig out (THANKS JOEL!), she made it to the studio, and called Brandon Sampson. We'd hoped to have him in the studio, too, but Pine Island wasn't letting him go that easy.


The three of us had a great conversation about a show he's doing with The Sudden Lovelys tomorrow at the Chatfield Center for the Arts (buy tickets here). And up in South Saint Paul, Daniel (of Daniel and Paige the married couple that ARE The Sudden Lovelys) sent a text saying he was working on a video for us.

I added it to the end of the podcast because I can't decide if Daniel is teasing us, or wanting to be more like us...

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