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Well, Minnesotans, we sort of suck at zipper merges but from the looks of the latest survey by QuoteWizard, we are pretty amazing drivers.  In fact, when it comes to our neighboring states, we basically are saints on the road.

QuoteWizard looked at over 2 million insurance quotes and ranked states based on accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations.  Based on that research, the states were ranked to find out who had the best drivers and what state was home to the worst.  Check the list below to see where Minnesota falls on the list.

Worst Drivers in the United States of America Ranked by State

I know we complain about roundabouts and zipper merges all the time, and the occasional lack of blinker usage, but based on the results, Minnesota drivers are actually really good drivers.  Who knew?!  You can see the full survey results and some more fun facts about the states here.

What's the worst thing that you've seen someone do while driving?  I'd love to hear about it.  Send me your story to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio or send me an audio clip through the Y-105FM App. 

In another survey that recently came out, Minnesotans had an opportunity to rank themselves on our awesome driving skills.  Wouldn't you know it, we think we are pretty amazing when we are on the road.  You can read about that latest survey and how our neighboring states ranked themselves here.

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