For ten years Cori Jensen was my Early Morning Show co-host. We stopped working together when I got laid off in Fargo (back in 2009), but we're still really close and we're always sending notes back and forth, and lately, Snaps. Well, the other day she said she missed her kids (they were with grandma for the day), so to be funny, I sent this Snap. She laughed. End of story.

I thought.

I added it to my stories, and some people complained that I was being insensitive to parents. I thought it was pretty clear that I was doing just the opposite, but more interesting than me being parents complained. Just kidless folks.

Odd. I could see if some stranger saw it and didn't immediately get that I was poking fun at the self centered nature of people that escalate problems beyond their real value. And for the record...missing your kids is not one of those problems.