This Wednesday afternoon you might see a large group of cyclists rolling into Rochester. These riders are participating in the Texas 4,000 which is the longest annual charity bicycle ride in the world. The ride starts each year in Austin, Texas, and goes all the way up to Anchorage, Alaska.

My butt hurts just thinking about riding that far, so props to these men and women that ride through all of the elements in support of the fight against cancer. According to the event's website, riders make special stops along the way to visit with cancer survivors, patients, and family members "to educate people about cancer prevention and the importance of early detection. They also use this time to offer hope and encouragement and to share their personal stories with cancer fighters of all ages."

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A press release sent out by The Rochester Salvation Army earlier today explained the riders will spend one night in Rochester, "On Wednesday, July 7, 20 students from the University of Texas at Austin will arrive in Rochester, MN, as a part of a 4,000-mile bike ride over 70 days to raise dollars in support of cancer research. The students will arrive in Rochester shortly after 3 pm, where they will stay overnight at The Salvation Army before continuing their journey back home to Austin, TX, at 7 am on July 8."

Organizers say this event was started 17 years ago. In that time riders have helped "raise more than $11.6 million dollars, pedal more than 5.2 million collective miles and impact countless lives."

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