If there has been one good thing that has come out of this awful year it's the fact that thousands of animals were adopted or rescued. Trupanion says many of these fur babies were given COVID-related names by their new owners.

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The pet insurance company says, "since March, people welcoming new pets in their home are giving them names to match the moment with names that include Corona, Rona, Covi, and even COVID.  Pet owners have also given a nod of approval to Dr. Fauci as they have started naming their favorite furry friends, Fauci, a new trend since the start of the pandemic."

Pandemic inspired names weren’t popular enough to crack the annual top ten list though. Trupanion’s list of 2020’s most popular pet names, which you can see below, features traditional dog names like Bella, Charlie, and Luna and cat names like Luna, Bella, and Oliver.

Top 10 most popular dogs names of 2020

1) Bella
2) Charlie
3) Luna
4) Lucy
5) Max
6) Bailey
7) Daisy
8) Cooper
9) Molly
10) Lola

Top 10 most popular cat names of 2020

1) Luna
2) Bella
3) Oliver
4) Charlie
5) Lucy
6) Leo
7) Max
8) Milo
9) Lily
10) Simba

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