Crying. Some people try to hide it. Some people make jokes about it (just some allergies!), and others let it go. Full-on tears anywhere. BUT, where do most of us cry in Rochester?

  1. In our car at the WalMart North or Target North parking lots. A few said they've let it all out a Kohl's parking lot (but that parking shopping center's parking lot is enough to make anyone cry, not sure we should make too much of that). 
  2. At a family event. This is just a guess, but maybe during the holidays? Lots of triggers with families.
  3. At work. Which is chancy if its from a work problem. It is a natural and often, uncontrollable human response. But inside we are certain the boss is thinking< "Oh jeez...bring on the waterworks unstable one." 
  4. Walking down the street. This is a bad look. Not a bad thing to do, but it is impossible to cry, walk, and look like you know where you're going when you're walking and crying.
  5. The grocery store Have I cried at a grocery store? No. I have in a Hallmark Store, tho...some of those cards cut kinda close, you know?

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