Have you ever snooped your sweetie-pie's phone? If you have, what'd  you find?

About ten years ago, when I was hosting Ladies Night, I did it. I snooped. We were at Rookies and she left her on the counter with a picture showing of some major smooching. I have no idea who she was kissing, but I admit I looked for more. Foudn what I expected to. Maybe I was supposed to find it? Probably. But I also found, like, 30 pictures of mile-marker posts. What the heck?


I never found out why she had all those pictures. Lemmie know if you have any ideas,.

So how 'bout you? Did you find anything as weird as on this list.

  • 1

    Multiple Pictures of Cat Poop

    We could bother ourselves with wondering why anyone would photograph cat poop, but I think it's safer to ignore that for now. Too much cat poop thinking and you're off the the litter box. So here's what we'll do. We'll agree that it is unusual AND definitely a dump-able offense, yes? No? Well, how 'bout this. The pictures aren't a dump-able offense, but keep 'em a secret? 100%.

  • 2

    The "My Little Pony" App

    Being a DJ Pon3 for Halloween may color my perspective, but the app just shows a willingness to connect with a child or children.

    Getty Images
  • 3

    A Period Tracking App on a Man's Phone

    It's weird, I suppose, because she didn't know about it. Again with the secrets! I'll bet this is the same guy that secretly photographed cat poop.

    Maksim Pasko
  • 4

    A Picture of Someone Else's Pet Spider

    A picture of a friend's pet spider means a pet spider will soon be found in the house. No one needs that kind of skin crawling freak out every morning. Although, I'm officially Team Spider, especially in doorjambs. They catch all the bugs, then!

  • 5

    A Picture of a Pigeon Eating a Pie

    Was it delicious pumpkin pie? Trust me, it matters.