The Midwest has a LOT of big things...but a Y-105 Early Morning Show poll told us the three best (best as in the most fun to visit while on vacation, with friends, or with family you need to amuse for a few seconds...are there any we're missing? Comment and let us know!


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    The Largest Ball of Twine by One Man

    in Darwin, MN

    Made by Francis A. Johnson, between 1950 (when he started rolling it in his basement) and 1979 (when it had been moved to his front lawn and weighed almost 9 tons and was 12 feet wide).  Legend has it he rolled twine four hours a day...every day. Why? No one knows, or at least, they're not telling.

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    The Big Otter

    in Fergus Falls, MN

    Otto was build by local high school students as their contribution during the His name is Otto, and a bunch of built by local high school students in 1972 as their contribution to The Fergus Falls centennial!

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    The Largest Prairie Chicken

    in Rothsay, MN

    Technically, it’s the World’s Largest Booming Prairie Chicken. A plaque in front says, "On June 10, 1975, Rothsay was designated “Prairie Chicken Capital of Minnesota”. This statue of a booming prairie chicken was designed and built by Art Fosse with assistance and funds from the community. The statue stands 13 x 18 feet and weighs 9,000 pounds. It was placed on this site and unveiled, June 15, 1976."

    The objective of this project is to alert area visitors and remind local residents of the beauty to be found on the native prairie grasslands.