See those turkeys right there? I woke up from my nap and they were there at my window, pretending they WEREN'T peeking at me as I slept! 

It used to be I'd wake up from my afternoon nap and find deer, slowly chewing a mouthful of leaves and staring at me (THAT is a weird thing to experience, trust me). Now, tho, it's turkeys.

Well, maybe not the baby turkeys, because they couldn't see over the window sill, but the adults? Oh, yeah, totally peeping at me. Not only are they tall enough, but...BUT...when I looked at them, they suddenly looked away. Sicko-s!

My favorite part of this video is when the turkeys suddenly turn and walk away. It's like Grandma Turkey said, "Alrighty, time for ice cream!!!" and off they went.

My big question is...where'd they come from? I mean, yeah, OK, the woods. But, for a ton of 'em to appear at once is weird. No sign of turkeys before this, just deer and birds. Do they hang out in the den, watching The Vegan Food Channel until August?