My old co-host, Cori Jensen sent this my way, and I love it. She knew I’d love it because that’s what I do. I love a good obituary. You learn the good things about people, you hear the highlights of their life, you find people you wish you’d known. And I really wish I’d known Doug.

It's an obituary for a guy named Doug Legler in Fargo. It’s two words.
No foolin’. This is all that was printed in the Fargo Forum.

According to the article, his daughter, Janet, said her dad was always saying he didn’t wanna be like all those other guys. "(Other people's obituaries) would say 'he was the president of this, a director of this' and Dad would say, 'What, couldn't they hold down a job?' "

Since there’s no info in the obit, I had to do a little digging…turns out he drove for Nash Finch (the grocery people). He also painted farm equipment and fixed vending machines (which makes him a saint for dealing with people that lost their nickels and dimes…they can be vicious!).Oh, and he was a singer, liked Ernest Tubb, and went to the casino (but no idea if he was a slots guy, a blackjack dude, or liked something else…but my money is on blackjack).

He was a singer, too, and once placed second in a talent show. He was a fan of country music, especially the music of Ernest Tubb. He loved cars and took the occasional trip to the casino.

He was 85 when he passed, having lost his wife 17 years ago, and his girlfriend just died a year ago. Plus, of course, a father to his daughter Janet.

I didn’t know you, Doug…but I wish I had. Wanna meet some more people you wish you had a chance to meet? Click HERE to read some great obituaries.

I was tempted to include my father’s self-written obituary in this blog…but since it's the opposite of Doug's, here’s something my dad said in the note he attached to the many-page obituary sent to media outlets all over the globe as he prepared to leave for cancer treatment he knew would not work.

“I’m sorry it’s so long…but it’s such an interesting story!”