I know people that can't resist a food challenge. They see a five pound burger challenge, and they'll try to win the t-shirt. They see a Train Wreck and have to eat the giant stack o' pancakes, eggs, sausages, toast, etc., to get the mug (or the shirt, I forget which). But there's one food challenge that'll truly pay off, because if you eat the food, and win the restaurant!


According to this story from Food and Wine, if you complete the food challenge, you win the restaurant! Well, 10% of it, anyway, but if they become super famous and make millions, you get 10%!

The restaurant is called Don Chingon, a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, and the challenge may be the hardest in the world: Just finish the 30 pound burrito in one hour and you're an owner!

How big is the burrito? They start with a three-and-a-half foot tortilla, stuff it with chicken, steak, carnitas, chorizo, cheese, rice, beans, and salsa, and then serve it with a margarita... made with a ghost pepper!


I couldn't find any videos of anyone attempting the challenge, but if you think you could do it, you should know the ground rules: no bathroom breaks, no throwing up, and you have to cough up $150 before you start. But, if you eat it all in an hour, then you get ten percent of the restaurant! 

The team at Don Chingon says, "Some restaurants put your name on the wall . . . we'll GIVE you the wall."