It was different.  Reactions were varied:  cool, eerie, awesome, odd, fascinating, groundbreaking.  But to me, watching Michael Jackson’s “live” performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards was uncomfortable.

The man died nearly five years ago while preparing for his big comeback tour.  But that didn’t stop others from putting together a new Jackson album made up of unreleased tracks.   Releasing material after someone has died has been done many times before.  But to see him perform a song called “Slave to the Rhythm” on stage via hologram in front of millions was sort of creepy to me.   The dance moves were not really Jackson’s but those of a stand-in performer who recreated his steps which was then computerized to an image attempting to replicate the King of Pop.

Many years ago I was mesmerized when I saw Jackson debut his famed “moonwalk” while performing Billie Jean at an award show.   But last night, I just didn’t get that same feeling.   To me, it was “unreal” and not necessarily in a good way.