What's the weirdest reason you heard for someone quitting? I found a real doozy here in Rochester. 

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Second...people always say they're quitting because they can't get up early enough, or because the work is too hard/easy...those are pretty typical. But sometimes, the reason is just so great, it deserves applause. And a thank you, get out.

I was at Wildwood, just sitting there, enjoying a beer and chatting with the woman next to me. She used to work at a beer distributing place and she was telling me about some of the dough-heads she used to work with.

One driver was late all the time, and they were about to fire him...but before they could, he quit. On his way out she asked him why...and he said...

I cannot stand the smell of urinal cakes.

Urinal Cake
Urinal Cake - click for link.

She said he delivered to a lot of small bars in small towns, and apparently, when you deliver during day hours, it smells like they just cleaned the bathrooms and, in particular, like  urinal cakes.

He admitted that was why he was always late. He'd sit in bed, or at the kitchen counter, DREADING work. A second...third...fourth cup of coffee. "OK, I'll count to ten and get off the stool and go in to work" kind of stuff.

I'm glad he quit, but yeah, that has to be the weirdest reason to quit in Rochester. If you can beat it, tell us below.

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