Well, this has to be accurate as I found it on the internet. Matt Shirley or @MattSureLee on Instagram makes charts. That's really all he does. He asked his Instagram followers, some 377,000 people what the worst cities in each state were and Edina was Minnesota's. 


Matt made this graph back in October of 2019, so it's somewhat recent. I can think of a bunch of other cities in Minnesota that I wouldn't go to for some reason or another. But with no real reason as to why Edina was picked in Minnesota, we are left to draw our own conclusions.

In 2015 the website Thrillest went through some Twin Cities suburbs on a list and had this to say about Edina

We're not even going to sugar coat this, everyone who isn't from Edina thinks Edina sucks.

If you had to pick the worst city in Minnesota what city would you pick? I'd probably have to go with the city where I attended college for 4 years and didn't even get an associate's degree*, St. Cloud. Sorry St. Cloud, you were but a hazy and expensive memory. [I think I actually got more parking tickets than school credits in 4 years attending classes.]

*I really wasn't that motivated

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