The Y-105 You and Me Mega Millions lottery ticket was constructed with love and hope...and so it should have been a big winner. That is NOT how it turned out. Why? 

I don't know about Karlin, Clint, Veronica, Pam, or Shari, but I had already figured out what to do with the money...was thinking about it all day, and even as I was video chatting with my lady-friend back in Idaho (the money'd help buy more chickens, and rebuild the chicken coop...and, maybe, buy out the old guy across the street that always complains to the cops when a neighbor's lawn gets a little long, really. He calls the cops. Who has time for that? Law enforcement MUST have better things to do, and the neighbors do, too...they're all raising kids for cryin' out loud. ARGH! Whoops, sorry, kinda went on a tear there. But really, who does that?).

Anyway...we didn't win, and I think I know why. We didn't win because, somehow, I constructed the worst ticket ever. Just look at it.

Not one winning number anywhere on it. And it wasn't even close...exactly zero numbers matched (and really, none of 'em even came close to matching).

Maybe the problem is I have no lottsperience. I almost never play, so don't know the best way to put numbers together. Any suggestions so I don't dash hopes and dreams next time?