This may be the weirdest news picture of the day. A car was minding it's own business, thinking nothing of it, when suddenly, the parking lot reached out and struck!

Actually, I don't know how this happened, there was no follow up, but the picture alone tells me one of the comments is correct.

CREDIT: KAAL FB PAGE - click picture for link.

We know Ryan is correct because the guilt is in the name...Asphalt

That parking lot is one of the worst in Rochester. But is it the worst? I think so. The Hobby Lobby parking lot used to be so bad, but then they resurfaced it. Then it was the Wicked Moose, but they patched that up. So, K-Mart Parking Lot, I think you're number one now.

As part of Mission: Pay Off All Debt, I've try to buy most of my clothes at thrift shops (I can also avoid rewarding slave trade clothing manufacturers, too), so I'm in this lot a lot. My car whimpers every time I turn at the Snappy Stop.