It was 2010. I'd just moved to Twin Falls, ID and I had the worst...the worst toothache of my life. It first hurt during a shower, and on the air that morning I was in pain with every breath. It was 7AM, so no place was open. I left 5 messages, only one office called back, and that office caused me to take the worst picture of my entire life. No, not that one. A James with a Nitrous oxide nose cup is dead sexy!

I ended up getting a root canal and, honestly, it wasn't as bad as I expected. Annoying more than painful. Plus I ended up with a crown and an even sexier smile (thanks Summit Dental!). Truth be told, SD is the first and only dental practice I've enjoyed. I actually looked forward to seeing my dentist and hygienist! (Hey Bryce and Shelley!)

Anyway, afterward, as I walked out of the place, I tried to whistle, but the Novocaine was still at full power. That meant I felt no pain on the left side of m'face and sadly, it also meant I couldn't whistle. At all. It turned into the worst picture of me ever (and that's from a kid with a photographer dad).

Behold....the worst and most awesome picture of me you'll ever see.

CREDIT: James Rabe Collection