The Rabe's me taking a shot at dough-heads in the news.

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I'm not calling out all Patriots fans, the the dough-heads that set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay off the $1 million Deflategate fine.

Seriously?  You're raising money so a team that rakes in the cash can cover the fine? This may get a little personal, but I feel it has to be this way.  You, Patriots fan that donate to this fund...does the team care about you or your pocketbook? ((waits for answer)).  What's that?  Right.  They do.  Well, here's an update.

You're wrong. And not just a little wrong, but really wrong.  The NFL exists to make money. Which is cool. 'Merica, and all that. But, when you lose perspective and think they care about you, or, even worse, that any particular team matters (beyond for entertainment), and want to donate money to help pay their fine?  Well, I think you've taken a step too far.

And you get a Rabe Shot.

Now, if you're hooked on donating some money, send it my way. I'm paying off some crushing medical debt and every cent counts.