Technically, I'm a runner.
I have running shoes, a race medal or two and for the group of gals I run with each week, that's good enough!

The most FUN 5K I take part in each year is the Zombie Stagger which benefits Rochester Better Chance, a group that is near and dear to my heart.  RBC offers a hand up to a few young teens who move to Rochester for a better chance at life.  The reason it's so fun is that you get to choose if you want to run as a human, a zombie or if you want to skip running altogether and be a zombie hunter.

Tomorrow is the day!

Registration starts at 3pm at Cooke Park on 7th St NW, the humans start the 5K run at 4pm and the zombies at 4:05pm.  (Because the humans get a 'head' start.  Get it!!??)  The donation to take part is $25.  If you want to register in advance so you can be sure to snag one of their super cool tech running shirt, click here.

I'll see you there!