Last night's Thursdays on First and Third was amazing! Great music, great food, and great beer. Oh, and everyone said yes! They WILL marry me!

Will You Marry Me

I'm not even sure how Will You Marry Me became a thing. Probably Tracy teasing me about being a swingin' single bachelor, but however it happened, it happened, and I had to ask everyone to marry me. So, I did.

Everyone said yes....everyone. Check out all the pictures!

And finally,I asked EVERYONE to marry me...their response was awesome, until it wasn't. I can't stop laughing.

The Music

Down near Peace Plaza there's always a bunch of musicians playing on the street...some solo, some in groups. The first pic...holy smokes, energy, depth, and an authenticity I really dug. No microphones, it's all them.

On the 1st Avenue stage the bands were off the hook...rock at 5pm and sizzling folk at 7. Live music, big or small, really gives Rochester some character. Love it.



Boyz II Men and En Vogue in Concert in Mankato, August 29th! And yes, we have tickets for you! Click HERE or the picture to find out more!

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