There are several famous actors who have more skills than just pretending to be someone else. It's pretty fascinating to me when you find out that someone who is known for doing one thing is really quite good at doing another too. 

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Johnny Depp. Is there a woman alive who didn't fall in love with this fella when he was in 21 Jump Street way back when?  C'mon. Hummina. He even climbed a little higher on the hottness pole when he became captain Jack Sparrow. Who knew he also has some mad skills on the strings too? He has actually played quite a bit with some other famous people, like Tom Petty, Aerosmith & more.


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Reese Witherspoon got to show off her vocal chords in 'Walk The Line' playing June Carter Cash. I have to admit this one came out of the blue for me. I had no idea she could sing. She even claims she had never sang professionally up to this point and was terrified that she would have to perform live. Perhaps this is why she didn't run with it and start down the singing path.

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John Stamos! Jessie, Blackie Parrish, whatever you choose to call him, he is a rocker too!

He even played a rockstar on TV. He played with the Beach Boys for a while even. (We just gave away some tickets to see the Beach Boys, probably not with Stamos however.)

Does he sound anything like you would imagine he would? I didn't think so.

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Did you know Tom Cruise is musical? He has been an entertainer for years and years, I suppose it's not too far of a stretch, but he really got a chance to sing in 'Rock Of Ages.' I guess putting a voice to a face is nothing like you imagine. I don't think he sounds like he looks, do you? I hear that, but its reciprocal all the time when people meet me, they say, "You look nothing like you sound."

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Rose! She really was a great Rose. Kate Winslet has some background performing and singing on stage during her years of working in the arts and such.  This may not be the best clip to showcase her talents, but its obvious after watching it you can tell she does have talent.


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Well, he aint half-bad, eh? He's done alot of musical performances during his career.

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Harry Potter! Daniel Radcliffe has a history of stage performances involving music, in the video below, he sings the elements song. My point is, he is not a stranger to singing. What blows me away is that he remembers that song. I suppose if you are an actor you probably memorize lots of things, and have to be quite good at it.

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She's pretty good!  Watch as she performs from 'Annie.'


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'No one leaves the theatre humming the scenery.' He said this before he broke into a broadway musical showcase. Yes, he has a bit of experience singing a tune.

There are so many performers that are multi-talented. If I only had an ounce of it in my fingernail... well, I'd have a large house on the top of the hill in Malibu perhaps? HA!