If you The things I learned at last night's Rochesterfest Karaoke Extravaganza are so many, I have to break 'em down into a top five. First, tho, if you want to see pictures from last night, scroll down a bit.

Top Five Things I Learned At the 2018 Rochesterfestt Karaoke Extravaganza 

5 - The Rochester crowds are great and cheer everyone equally. This is awesome.

4 - If you're judging karaoke, you may not have time during the break to grab a beer. Ask the crowd and someone'll be your Beer-Runner. Or, as happened last night, two people will be your beer-runner. And wouldn't take any money for 'em!

3 - Never expect someone to NOT sing Black Velvet.

2 - Soldier's Field Park is perfect for karaoke because toddlers will dance to any song. And fall over. And get up to wiggle some more. The grass is nice and soft, so no tears.

1 - If you're not much of a singer, you will rock with Wannabe, Hollaback Girl, Baby-Got-Back, Friends in Low Places, or any awesome sing-along song.

That last one came from talking to an amazing singer. She said, "I'm not that good, I just pick songs that everyone can sing along to. So, in a way, the audience becomes my backup singer and hides my mistakes."

2018 Karaoke Extrav.

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