I'm brought immediately to the M&M's Christmas commercial where Santa and the red M&M both say they exist. Pabst Blue Ribbon is now offering up a giant case of beer and you can get one in our area. 99-Pabst's in what the company has dubbed the 'Family Pack'. 

Check out how big this mega case of Pabst is.

Image Credit: @MGMstore28 - Mankato MGM via Facebook
Image Credit: @MGMstore28 - Mankato MGM via Facebook

It takes two grown men to carry this thing!

The case contains 3 different types of PBR Easy, Extra, and Original. The original 99-pack of beer was born in Texas, where else right? back in 2014. It was 99 cans of beer for $99. 

In late 2018 Pabst Blue Ribbon rolled out a 99-pack in Canada that was fairly popular. A quick search of Twitter has turned these 99-packs for sale to our South in Iowa at Hy-Vee stores for $69.99 as far back as October.

The photos of the 99-pack I found on Social Media came from Mankato's MGM, so the 99-packs are here, and if you are really into Pabst Blue Ribbon it's just a short drive from Faribault. But you'd better make the trek in a pick-up or van as this isn't fitting in a Prius.

According to MGM, "They will retail for $59.99 and includes a case of Pabst Extra as part of the 99 cans."

We pair nicely with a 99-pack of PBR:

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