Sometimes, Google translate work great! This time, not so much. Fortunately, it was funny...

First, I posted this pic on Facebook...


Then one person's response is what brought about my terrible, horrible and not very good experience with an on line translator.

HJ - This would be a great coffee house photo.
ME - I'll send you a digital copy for only $400! (expensive coffee shop!)
HJ - Yeah no thanks anyways but to expensive for me. Merci mais aucun merci.

I took 6 years of French, so I knew she was saying, "Thanks, but no thanks."  Sadly, during those 6 years, that's about all I learned (that and how to say, "hello", "yes" and "green beans"*). So to be Mr Cool, I thought up a response and went to Google Translate and entered...

Well, fine...but don't come running to me when you need a cool print for your fancy coffee shop.

I pressed the translate button and out came...

Bien...parfait mais ne vient pas en me courant quand vous avez besoin de caractères frais pour votre café sophistiqué.

Curious if it makes sense when translated back to English, I reversed the process and BAM!  Instant funny!

Definitely improve puppies, but do not come by running me kitten when you need cool characters for your sophisticated coffee.

(*Bonjour, oui and haricots verts - see...I was paying attention Mr Beamish.)


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