Some things just bring back memories.

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Before a very public meltdown, Mel Gibson made a very powerful film, The Passion of The Christ. It starred James Caviezel.

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On this date in 2004, The Passion of The Christ with Person of Interest star James Caviezel as The Savior opened in theaters. It made over $370 Million at the box office.


I remember the first time I saw that movie with my son, Ethan. It was in an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. It was Thanksgiving 2012. My wife, Cathy, and I were bringing Ethan home forever. Our host had let Ethan use her tablet. He was taking tons of pictures and using the filters to distort them. He found The Passion on YouTube and watched the movie there.


I know, like, maybe four words in Ukraine. Hello, good day, please and thank you. Ethan knew very little English. I asked my son, Ethan, if he understood what he was watching. He nodded yes.

So, here we were, in an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, watching The Passion on YouTube on a tablet. Together.

Our host, Tata, invited Ethan and I to help her and her friends prepare Thanksgiving dinner. And then, she asked me to say the blessing over the meal! Unaccustomed as I am to that kind of thing, I said Thank you for my blessings. My family, my children, our host, her friends... the opportunity to be together and enjoy each other's company. The meal. The work and effort in making the feast in front of us.

Kickin' it like the Pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving...

Some things just bring back great memories.

Is there something that brings back a fond memory for you? I shared mine. Share yours in the comments.