Travis Mills was four days from his 25th birthday and a new dad, on his third tour of duty with the military in Afghanistan, when he suffered major injuries that would change his life forever. Sadly, many of our service men and women deployed overseas have lost a limb, or sometimes two, while on active duty in a military zone. Mills, however, lost all four limbs as a result of an incident involving an improvised explosive device.

Can you imagine losing all your limbs and not dying? To put his injuries into perspective, he's "one of only five U.S. military veterans to survive a quadruple amputation," according to a story on WCCO-TV in Minneapolis.

Mills was in Minneapolis on Thursday, speaking to employees of Thrivent Financial Services and sharing his story.

Mills has written a book about his experiences, titled 'Tough as They Come'. An award-winning documentary was also written about him. It's amazing to see how Mills has come through his incredible, ultra-traumatic ordeal. And it's even more amazing that he is using it to inspire others including, he hopes, veterans who are returning from combat - especially those who have suffered life-changing injuries themselves.

With Veterans Day coming up on November 11, it's a great time to recognize all those, past and present, who have served, and continue to serve, our country. Thank you to Travis Mills and countless others for your sacrifice!