Today on the show we established Tracy McCray eats her Kit Kats in a weird way. But then, I went downstairs and learned Tracy isn't the only weird-o in the building (and, possibly, I was wrong!)

Tracy and I talked about her unusual Kit Kat eating technique on the air and during a Facebook Live segment on the show today, and this is that video, shortened up quite a bit. I just kept the really good stuff, like watching Tracy bite off the bits of chocolate and spit them in the garbage.


I was convinced that, outside of the Kardashians, Tracy was the ONLY person that used this "bite/spit" technique. And I was... wrong!

I went downstairs to the main office and I couldn't get my camera out fast enough. Terri, from the sales department, was doing the same thing Tracy did, but with a GIANT Kit Kat bar. It's like she was trying to freak me out.

It's in the video, about 90 seconds in. You'll see, my Gasted was Flabbered!

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