Fall in Minnesota means many cool things-- walks in a corn maze, leaves turning color, apple cider and pumpkin spice...anything. But here's the fall product to which I'm most looking...


It's the Fall Blend M&M's. And, yeah, they're probably already in stores. Now, keep in mind that unlike some other pumpkin-spice products, these M&M's don't really taste any different than your regular M&M's-- they're just available in festive fall colors of gold, red, orange, brown and cream. And, they’re sold in a special fall bag.

I first saw the Fall Blend M&M's last year, bought a bag, and quickly dispensed with eating pretty much all of them. However, when I went back to the same store, they'd already sold out! The horror! Luckily, I found another bag at a different store.

(Mars, Incorporated)

But I'm not making that mistake this year. I'm on the lookout. In fact, I already spied some of these Little Debbie Pumpkin Spice Rolls. (Which I didn't buy, even though I'm a big Little Debbie fan. Didn't want to spoil things for the Fall Blend M&M's...)

So yeah, bring it, fall. I've got our candy dish already out and waiting for you! What's YOUR favorite fall product?