I decided this week that once it warms up and patios begin to open up, I'm going on a tour-de-foam, erm, no, a tour-de-beer? Anyway, I enjoy Minnesota's true 4 seasons, I just like the warmer ones better. So bookmark this page, and you can join me in taking what I consider to be the 'ultimate' Southern Minnesota brewery tour. I mean is there anything better than plopping down on a patio, taking in the sunshine, and enjoying the company of friends and family over a beer?

Ultimate Southern Minnesota Brewery Tour Summer 2021

As you can see there are a few options all within maybe an hour of driving, a little longer to New Ulm, but all worth the trip for a pint and to escape when the weather turns warmer.

Did I miss any? Let me know I'd be happy to add one to the list!


Quiz: How many of these spots in Southeast Minnesota can you name?


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