HBO's Game of Thrones may have finally come to an end, but the Iron Throne has new owners...right here in Minnesota.

Gail and Ken Janes from Richfield had entered a customer contest by AT&T for the Grand Prize of a 310-pound replica of the Iron Throne valued at $18,000. And despite over 65,000 entries, the Janes overcame the odds and claimed the true power of Westeros. The funny thing? They just entered the contest "for kicks," thinking the prize would just be "a t-shirt or a cup or something like that."

According to Ken, he's already building a patio and pavilion set to make sure the Iron Throne is safely kept right here in Minnesota. Check out the pics below!

Hopefully winning the Iron Throne was a more satisfactory experience for them than the final season of GoT. Man, don't even get me started. MEHHHHHH.

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