Next month, a new app will be available in Japan. I hope it never becomes available here!

Technology is an Uh-may-zing thing isn't it? "Machines to save our lives."

Machines dehumanize.

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A new app will be available next month in Japan. It was created by a company called KDDI. The app is quite the advancement. It's set to monitor the stalls in all bathrooms in an office building.

Now, this is pretty cool. It's convenient. A person can check to see if stalls are open before they head to the restroom. Don't'cha just hate it when you get to the restroom and it's occupied? There's a lot of foot tapping and clock watching.

But, here's the downside. This same convenient app that helps somebody like you and me, also helps our boss, too. Maybe to keep track of your potty breaks. I'm sure our boss has much more important fish to fry. However, that time adds up.

Now, I'm all about being a team player, and working with my team for everyone's mutual benefit and convenience. I believe in expediency, too. Who wants to sit in a staff or disciplinary meeting about timely and orderly potty breaks?

So, No Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto! Keep your new app.

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