Being a professional eater sounds like a pretty good time, well except for maybe indigestion you might get after housing a 3-pound pancake. Meet Randy Santel, a world record holder when it comes to professional eating. Randy recently attempted to conquer The American “Barbarian” Pancake Breakfast Challenge at the Nicollet Diner in Minneapolis.


Santel attempted to eat the 'Barbarian' which includes "6 fried eggs, some bacon, 4 sausage patties, 2 English muffins, lots of hash browns, and more, all served on a giant buttermilk pancake."

The challenge gives the eater 1 hour to consume all of the food presented, and boy it sure looks like A LOT of food! If you accomplish the feat, you get the food for free and your name up on the wall of the diner.

Personally, I don't think I could eat all of that food in two hours, let alone one sitting.

Santel, according to his website, boasts that he "has now won restaurant food challenges in all 50 states plus 37 countries around the world" but it appears the Barbarian Breakfast Challenge got the best of this professional eater, at least for now.

Much like how the Nicollet Diner is open 24/7, my guess is that Santel will be back, and he will more than likely be hungry.

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