Did you know that many mini libraries existed in one neighborhood?

TSM Rochester: Will Kleinhans
TSM Rochester: Will Kleinhans

Who knew it's right in our backyard either!?

One of my favorite things to do near my NW Rochester apartment is take a walk around the neighborhood. Especially on a day when it isn't humid! I took advantage of the cooler weather over Labor Day Weekend and noticed not one... but three... mini-libraries spread throughout my neighborhood around 41st St NW.

Before I describe what I saw and what books were included, let me explain what a mini library is in case you haven't seen one before. They're an off-shoot of Little Free Library. The concept is simple; take a book, share a book. Totally free! No library card involved! I found that different organizations provided the ones in my neighborhood that I found on my walk.

The libraries are geared for kids, but you'll find classics in them that anyone will love. I noticed The Little Engine That Could, Curious George and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.

Wanna seek out some books and share your favorite book with the community? Here's where I found the mini-libraries in my neighborhood.

  • 19th St. NW
  • 11th St. NW
  • Mary Ln NW just off of 40th St. NW across from Gage Elementary School.

Finding the libraries seems like an awesome scavenger hunt idea! Happy reading!


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