We are just about a month away from Halloween, and we've told you about the #1 candy for Halloween in Minnesota, now it's the most haunted town in Minnesota. Believe it or not, it's really close by as the town of Mantorville takes the crown.

According to this Star Tribune article, the author of the book “Haunted Mantorville: Trailing the Ghosts of Old Minnesota,” Christopher S. Larsen, claimed that “It’s pretty much the most haunted town in the Midwest per capita. [My co-worker asked me if they took a ghost census.]

The US Census of people, not ghosts, lists the 2010 population at 1,210 and if you go to visit there are 5 main spots to stop by and see if you can conjure up some spirits. They are in no specific order: The Hubbell House, the Restoration House, the Opera House, the Log Cabin, and the Historical Society.

If you'd rather just take a historic stroll rather than ghost hunt, this might help you out. 

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