See that up there? That's spring in Minnesota. Snow, and flowers trying sooo hard to make a go of it. But, spring or not, we will spring forward this weekend. 

Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 AM on Sunday (March 10th). Feel free to set your alarm to wake up and change the time, but most of us will be changing the clocks the night before.

Losing an hour of sleep sucks, but, if your only clock is your phone, forget about changing anything. The phone should automatically update to the new time, which leaves you an extra hour to sleep in.

The toughest part is the next day. Why can't we "lose" an hour Friday at 4 PM. Or Saturday at 1 PM. "Hey, I just had lunch, but it's lunchtime again! Guess I better eat lunch..."

I made this li'l thing just for you. Feel free to download it and share. These are actual workplace coffee sizes.



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