I'm going to a family reunion this weekend. There will be several generations of family members there from the very old to the very young and everything in between.

Often times at family reunions people reminisce about their childhood...how they grew up and the things they did as kids. I've heard many of the stories and have shared many of my own. My greatest memories are pickup baseball games at the nearest ball field or riding my bike or skateboard throughout the neighborhood. In the summer, my friends and I would play from sunrise to sunset and only come inside to eat or go to the bathroom.

I worry that today's generation spends way too much time indoors, playing video games or looking down at a tablet or smartphone. I sometimes drive by parks and rarely see kids on swings or playing baseball. Oh sure, you see the occasional soccer game but it just seems like you don't see kids doing things outdoors as much today.

The above video is very telling and actually kind of sad. Maybe it's time we encourage a few 'gadget-free' days and just encourage our kids to go outside and have fun (sans technology). It probably wouldn't hurt us adults to do the same thing once in a while. I'll start with this weekend's family reunion. Anyone up for a good game of horseshoes or frisbee?