Most days the "This Day in History" report doesn't do much for me, but today? Holy smokes, Dirty Day in History Day for sure! And I don't mean pigs-in-the-mud dirty, either! Let's go back in time to see just how dirty we were...

Dirty Number One

Let's go back 54 years. This awesome song was a smash hit on the US charts and, believe it or not, an entire nation couldn't hear it because it was banned for being dirty!

That's right, Boris Pickett's smash hit, The Monster Mash, was banned by the BBC because they thought the song was offensive!

Dirty Number Two

Four years later, in 1954,  dirty hit the scene hard when Milton Bradley started selling Twister! Don't think it's dirty? Just watch the first commercial. Arms and legs all over the place, and grampa has a dirty look on his face!

Dirty Number Three

Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Today is Mario Lopez's 43rd birthday. He went from Saved By the Bell, to Extra, and Miss America Pageants, and...very uncontrolled romantic partner! Think back to 2004. Lopez married Ali Landry, they were the perfect couple. Ahhhhh.

For two weeks.

Yep, Two weeks.

In just over two weeks, Landry had their marriage annulled because (and this is so dirty) he cheated on her at his bachelor party!

So much dirty on one day...can y'stand it?