Today on the Y-105 Early Morning Show, you and I were talking about the weird things about our country...from a foreigner's perspective. What were their weird things? 

The three weird things about the USA that caught my eye were...

  • There are a ton of squirrels.
  • All of the drive-thrus, and not just for fast food. For coffee, pharmacies, liquor, and more.
  • How friendly people are.

Ok, yep...lots of squirrels. Lots of 'em. 

But I wanted to know what you thought was weird about this country. Here are a few of the things we came up with together.

  • Price tags without tax included. “How do you know how much you’re spending until you get to the cashier?”
  • Tipping --- you're a foreigner and travel guides warn menu prices are inaccurate. Add 20%.
  • Advertising for prescription drugs, as in “ask your doctor for brand x.”
  • Aerosol cheese.

The last one did we become the Squirty Cheese Nation? Not that I haven't spent many a wasted night with a can o'Squirty Cheese and a box of Chicken In A Biskit crackers (better than Triscuits because CiaB doesn't slice your mouth to shreds). I have, but every time I did it, and every time I pass it in a store, I think,"Huh...cheese that squirts."

What else should be on the list? What's weird about the USA? Lefse? Cheese curds? Black Friday Violence?