It's a simple question, with so many great answers! From "Cuddle me, mommy!" to "Here's free pizza!", you came up with a ton of great responses. 

I asked on the Facebooks, and boy howdy, did you give me a huge response. I said "Veggie lo mein" and "time to nap" ... and both were right. ((snicker))  Here are my favorites...

Jamie Sager "Chocolate,peanut butter, butterscotch" ;)

Tara Russell You were right...I was wrong

Ann Walton Burton "Lets go fishing"

Christina Beyer-Fink "Cuddle me, mommy"

Margaret Gee Emm I trust you.

Molly Garvey "Mommy, you're beautiful!"

Nikki Nevels I have tacos!!

Mj Keller-Romero Whatever u want.

Mindi Walsh Paid off mortgage!!!

RaeAnn Sanford Blumers Girl Scout Cookies

Danielle Billing It's Waffle Wednesday.

Shelley Thompson We won Powerball!

Sara Weber I'm torn between "Can I help?" and "Here's your popcorn". :-)

Traci Nathans-Kelly I'm home, mommy!

Brian Yacucci I brought cake!

Kat Griffing coffee strong enough?

Kim Meiser Frank Is dinner ready?

Lisa Ames Belanger Yummy lo mien!

Kat Griffing I have everclear(the drink stuff)

Bren Michael time to eat

Penni Aufderheide I baked cake

Paul Marchant Bar is stocked

Susan Kenn Schomberg Bills are paid

Kristina Paris Ferguson Sun is out

Kim Nystrom It's Happy Hour!

Audrey Caseltine here's free pizza

Audrey Caseltine cancer is cured

Carla Ebener I'm leaving you!

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