I was still two years away from moving back, but I remember seeing all the Facebook posts and I was envious! No, really!

Everyone woke up to a foot of snow, which looked beautiful! But on May 2nd? What the flamin' hooty-hoo?

It reminds me of the 2009 Fargo Flood (or almost flood). The Red River was rising, rising, rising. It was all over the national news, the town was racing to make enough sandbags to protect life and property.

I was part of the 90+% of locals who pitched in and made or placed sandbags. The national guard came in and air-placed HUGE sandbags. The city used trucks and bulldozers to set up quick dikes along the river.

Then, all of a sudden, snow started falling, and overnight we got so much snow, and the wind blew so hard, the turn I took to get to work was gone. Hidden under fallen snow and drifts.

It also slowed the river so we missed the city flooding by just...that...much.

So, some days you wake up to a foot of snow and blech. But sometimes, it's a blessing.